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Emory Consulting Services

Understanding and navigating the distinctive characteristics of the US market is essential to global companies wanting to secure a legitimate footprint in the US consumer marketplace. Emory provides support for you and your team every step of the way.

Many factors affect business performance - the category trends, business structure, product attributes, consumer motivations, communications, distribution channels, and more.  We'll assess the dynamics of your business challenge and customize our approach to support you.  


We start with understanding your business and goals, then work collaboratively with your team to find strategic solutions that provide long-term opportunity.

We help established brands find new opportunities to build market share and profitability. We also support new brands to find the best position in the market and launch successfully. Innovation in many forms is at the core of our thinking for new and existing products.

Emory Consulting has market experience that includes CPG consumer goods, lifestyle brands, B2B products and services, new product innovation and launches, and international brand introductions in the US. 

Explore the Possibilities
Set Your Course
Launch with Confidence
General Business Support

Every business has unique considerations.  Our approach is fully customized to fit your specific situation.  Emory has built an extensive networked team of professionals and resources with a strong track record of success.  We identify your business needs and find the right team resources to align with your operations.  We help source the top experts to support you all the way from designing the strategy to executing the activation plans.  


As you build your presence in the US, you will need a reliable team to bring your plans to life.  Emory offers interim leadership for international teams starting their journey in the US.  This provides you with the time to carefully build your team one member at a time.  We can provide connections with experienced professionals with extensive US work experience to coach & guide your team as it grows.

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