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Set Your Course

Once you have decided that expansion to the US market is a good fit for your company, you need to build a thorough plan to enter the market. Emory can assist executive management to define the vision and strategic direction for a US launch.  We will collaborate with you to develop plans that set a vision for success and align the business resources to market opportunities.  The plan will build on the unique attributes of your product, sales goals, and desired level of investment. 

Position your product to stand out in the marketplace.  Create a customized approach to capture the consumer's attention and drive sales.  Arrange a product portfolio and value proposition to maximize growth potential in market and attain internal efficiencies. 

Business Launch Plan

  • ​Vision

  • Strategic Direction

  • Value Proposition & Brand Positioning

  • Brand Architecture

  • Product Portfolio

  • Resource Alignment

  • P&L Budgeting

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