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Launch with Confidence

Activating your business plan in the US market requires consistent, targeted execution that reliably delivers a quality presentation and experience for your customer. Execution in market across marketing, sales and operations is core to creating a strong impression and lasting brand identity.  


You are building the foundation for your company and your brand that will be a long-term asset for all future endeavors.   Develop a brand strategy to differentiate in the marketplace and tap into your brand's value proposition.  Support this strategy with integrated communications that nurture and grow your brand.  


Your brand has a story to share. Emory will help you build your brand story in an authentic and meaningful way that inspires and motivates customers.  We will work with you to understand the customer and product category dynamics to align your product in the market to fuel business growth.  


Develop specific communications that bring your story to life through branding, packaging design, advertising content, and brand experiences.  




  • Positioning

  • Branding Image & Design

  • Target Consumer

  • Channels & Usage Occasion

  • Portfolio and Product Development

  • Communications Messaging 

  • PR, Traditional Media, and Social Media

  • Event Marketing and Experiential 

  • Retail Activation & Promotions

  • Pricing

  • B2B Support, Trade Shows & Sales Materials

Sales and Business Development

Develop a plan to grow your business for the short term and long term.  The business growth plan will provide approaches that are customized to your product line, its market potential, and your company’s preferred level of resource investment. 


Design a sales process that is effective and replicable to achieve scale.  Identify the right customers, their motivations, and position your product as a solution.  Become a trusted partner for your customers.  

Sales & Business Development

  • Dedicated Sales Team, Broker, Distributor

  • Sales Process

  • Sales Pitch

  • Customer Segmentation

  • Lead Generation

  • Scalability

  • E-Commerce

  • Measurement


A company’s promise to the customer is only as good as the execution to deliver on that promise.  The operations of a business are an essential element to delivering on the expectations of a customer.  


Emory can source specialists to help execute your business plan.  Our network of experienced professionals have a proven track-record of success.


Emory provides project management to ensure your launch activity is coordinated, communications are integrated, and activated on time. 



  • Distribution

  • Distributor Relations

  • Manufacturing

  • Quality

  • Logistics

  • Supply Chain

  • Technology

  • Customer Service

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