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Laura Emory has more than 20 years of experience in business strategy, brand marketing, and content development.  She studied Marketing, International Business, and French, receiving her BBA and MBA at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Laura has experience with consumer packaged goods in several categories, including food, beverage, beauty, and services.  Emory has launched multiple new products and believes strongly in innovation as a source for business growth.  Her experiences span the full business operation from designing strategic plans to activating them in market.  She collaborates with large and small enterprises to build a vision and find opportunities for growth.


Emory offers specialized consulting services for international enterprises that want to launch or grow their brands in the US.  Emory has travelled globally and worked with teams in many countries.   She is fluent in French and worked in Southern France, where she developed a great appreciation for the quality of European products.    Her expertise in the US and foreign markets provides understanding of the business differences between cultures and cultural sensitivity in bringing international products into the US. 

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